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A great story distinguishes itself by the way it’s told. It’s not only the numbers and views that measure a story’s success. It’s the effect it has on people that really matters.

At Bruut Amsterdam, we know what makes a great story. Since 2014, we have been developing video and film in close collaboration with first-rate agencies, world-leading brands, and global networks.

Our services are as extended as the needs and wishes of our clients, ranging from execution only to full developments that include concept, execution, and distribution. Whether it’s about social content, either a one-off or episodic, an international campaign film, one deliverable or hundreds, at Bruut Amsterdam we power every story with recognizable craft.

We’re known for our content-first approach, creativity, and flexibility. Strengths that have led us to many successful collaborations.

Rooted in effectively reaching millennials and ‘Generation Z’, over the years we’ve proven to excel in telling stories that reach anyone, anywhere, anytime. We are Bruut Amsterdam. Based in Amsterdam, operating globally.

Tell me about the vision

Deniz Alkac

Managing Director

'Millennials been bombarded with advertisements their whole lives, especially in the digital world. I believe that adding true value is what makes content noteworthy and worth sharing.'

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