Together with Maybelline in The Netherlands, Bruut Amsterdam developed and produced the ‘Make IT Happen Stories’. Five portraits of five well-known female influencers with ambition. A series about self-confidence and daring to stand out from the crowd.

The production came with a tight schedule, a challenging budget and a big result: the reach of half a million girls.

“Thanks to our collaboration with Bruut Amsterdam, we can create content that is aimed at a specific target audience. With their expertise in the field of online video and strategy, we are able to deliver strong content. We’ve stopped advertising on TV for a few months now and the results are good!”
Janne Rooijmans
Product Manager, Maybelline

“The series ties in with the effect that makeup has on girls: self-assurance. The series is 100 percent Maybelline, without having to talk about products”
Deniz Alkac
Managing Director, Bruut Amsterdam