Our vision

We live for pushing boundaries. Back in 2013, we developed one of the Netherlands’ very first YouTube campaigns: The YouTube Battles. Long before live-streaming and online video became a thing, we saw the power of broadcasting live on the internet. We brought together the country’s biggest influencers, produced three entertaining liveshows, and reached over half a million people within the target group.

Since then, the media landscape changed radically. It has become possible for everybody to broadcast their message, which makes the right message on the right place more important than ever.

At Bruut Amsterdam, we focus on telling these relevant stories. Stories that make you laugh or cry. Stories that inspire. It’s because brands that communicate more human are more authentic and therefore get more attention.

It is not only about clicks and views. It is about a future in which advertising adds true value to people’s individual lives.

All of our work is made with great sincerity, authenticity, and attention to our viewers. In the end, that is what makes our content meaningful and worth sharing with others.

Thinking of possibilities is in our blood, bringing together the right people is in our fingers, a heavy dose of competitive spirit in our minds.

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