Our vision

Back in 2013 we developed one of Holland’s very first YouTube campaigns: The YouTube Battles. Three interactive liveshows commissioned by the by teenagers led Dutch telephone-company ‘Bliep’. This all happened five years before ‘live on internet’ became a thing. The campaign reached over half a million people within the target group and brought together the country’s biggest influencers in three entertaining shows.

Breaking boundaries is in our blood. And so is working hard. But we always do so from a ‘content-first’ approach. It’s because we believe that adding true value is what makes content noteworthy and worth sharing.

The facts are that a confronting 84 percent of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising. Can you blame them? They’ve been bombarded with advertisements their whole lives, especially in the digital world.

Bruut Amsterdam works in close collaboration with agencies, world-leading brands, and global networks on outstanding and noteworthy productions. Adding true value, online and offline. In long-form and short-form.