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Bruut Amsterdam believes in the power of stories: authentic stories that inspire, evoke emotions, and resonate. These are the stories that stick in our minds. These are the stories that are worthwhile.

Creators of Stories That Matter


Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport

Many people think volunteering takes up a lot of time, but even the smallest gesture can make a difference.


You see a truck. I see the freedom to push boundaries. For you, me, our economy and society.

Together dementia-friendly

Forgetfulness, confusion, shock. 290,000 people in the Netherlands suffer from dementia. Would you recognize them?


The labour market is tight, and employers are lining up to find workers, not the other way around.

The Vegetarian Butcher

We set up matched blind dates between six unsuspecting vegans and meat-eaters

Reuma Nederland

We made the unbearable, yet invisible, pain of osteoarthritis tangible


Even the Netherlands’ favourite stars are putting their feet up this holiday season, thanks to Videoland.

Algemeen Dagblad

Algemeen Dagblad is celebrating its 75th birthday. The paper and its front pages have had a big impact during this time.

FNV Young & United

This film is an open application on behalf of an entire generation: a call for more equality and security

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