Our Story

Bruut Amsterdam understands the value of time. We take that into account, every inch of the way. Whether it’s about the stories we make or the process we go through with each other and our clients. We make sure everyone stays engaged.
We believe in the power of stories: authentic stories that inspire, evoke emotions, and resonate. These are the stories that stick in our minds. These are the stories that are worthwhile.

Bruut Amsterdam is a creative production company. We create high-quality content for agencies and brands, made in a way that fits running a modern campaign. We create film, photo, social and live content.
We make sure agencies and brands unlock their full potential. In collaboration with our creators, we produce high-profile and effective stories. We create it in the most thoughtful way possible: we approach each and every production from a content point of view, and tailor it to all different channels and phases of the campaign.
We work together with both seasoned and upcoming talents: names of people the world will know tomorrow, already making a difference today.

Creators of Stories That Matter

Our team


Cannes Lions 2015

Best Use of Social Media - Ja of Nee, Nederlandse Transplantatie Stichting

Effie 2021

Silver - Alleen Samen

Cross Media Award 2021

Best Cross Media Case - Wellant Live

ADCN Award 2021

Digital Campaigns - Iconic Restaurant Flavours

Eurobest Award 2021

Bronze - Iconic Restaurant Flavours

Youtube Works Awards 2022

Grand Prix - Lay's - Iconic Restaurant Flavours