Our story

At Bruut Amsterdam we know how to tell compelling stories in today’s rapidly changing media landscape. We believe it’s not the numbers and views that measure a story’s success: It’s the effect it has on people that really matters. A good story sets things in motion.

Grown up in the digital era, we know better than anyone how to connect brands with their audiences: An audience that consumes media anyplace, anywhere, anytime.

Our team consists of like-minded talent. We tell impactful and effective stories on a daily basis: Whether it’s based on photography, film, or video, and whether it’s told offline or online. Regardless of form and platform, content was, is, and always will be the foundation of everything we do: content is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

We work together with the best directors and still undiscovered talent: Names of people the world will know tomorrow who are already making a difference today, under guidance of our experienced and cooperative producers.

Whether it concerns social content, a stand-alone series, an international campaign movie with only one deliverable or hundreds, at Bruut Amsterdam we give each story the power it deserves.

Let’s Power Your Story