Deniz Alkac

Managing Director

Still in his mid-twenties, but already exceptionally experienced: Deniz Alkac is the executive producer and managing director of Bruut Amsterdam.

Dropped out of school and fulltime working since the age of 16, he started his career at the Dutch national broadcasters private talent program ‘BNN University’, combining it with a two-weekly new media-related column in one of Hollands leading newspapers ‘NRC Handelsblad’.

Only at the age of 17, Deniz got accepted to Radio 538’s (Hollands #1 hit radio station) private talent-program. He didn’t stay there very long, because being at the summit of old media, he became fully aware of the shifting from traditional media to new media. He had to be part of this and started Bruut Amsterdam.

One of the first projects he took on was the development and production of one of Holland’s very first YouTube campaigns back in 2013. Ever since Bruut Amsterdam has grown into a leading branded video content agency servicing agencies, brands, networks and publishers.

Bruut Amsterdam is a full-service production agency focused on engaging video and film. The company’s clients are brands targeting a connected audience: mostly millennials who don’t watch traditional television and who don’t like old school ads.

In 2018, at the age of 23, Deniz got nominated for ‘DeMedia100′, the list of Holland’s most influential people working in media. He also entered the ‘DeReclamebureau50’ (AdAgency50) on #23.