Aion Bank


  • Commercial
Daan Groot

“Stop wasting money, start making money”

A sky-high interest rate on your loan, a savings account for which you get nothing in return and outdated, expensive subscriptions that you don’t do anything about… We throw money away and we know it. But why?

Together with TBWA\NEBOKO we produced a striking TV commercial for Aion Bank. The concept? Burning money. Literally. The goal? To tell people that things can be done differently.

The commercial was produced in just two weeks from briefing to delivery. Not only corona-proof, but, given the flames, also with the best-known stunt team in the Netherlands. We are happy to commit arson but only by request, and safely.

Together with TBWA we developed the concept further. In a short period time we took care of the big picture as well as all the details.

Aion Bank is a Belgian company that offers ‘all-inclusive banking’: for a fixed amount per month, AI (Artificial Intelligence) lets your money work for you. The commercial is shown in Belgium and France.