the Dutch Government


Jos van Meerveld

Commissioned by the Dutch government and creative agency NOISE, Bruut Amsterdam produced five digital videos sustaining the ‘DigiD, Lekker Makkelijk’ (Easily Done) campaign.

The campaign aims to make students aware of the utility of the DigiD app, as students in particular will be having to use DigiD during their student days. Using the app will ease logging into DigiD and minimize the time spent on arranging student affairs.

The concept of the campaign fits the stereotypical lifestyle of Dutch students: They like to choose the easy way, therefore opening themselves up to solutions that make life simpler, also called ‘life hacks’. In each of the five videos, a life hack for a typical student problem is demonstrated, linking the efficiency to the use of the DigiD app.

Bruut Amsterdam took care of the entire video production. From concept development in close collaboration with the agency, to casting and location, and the total of twenty deliveries. The concept was converted into Instagram posts (4:5), Instagram Stories (9:16) and pre-rolls (16:9).

DigiD, short for Digital Identification, allows Dutch citizens to access particular government services and websites.