Duracell Inc.

Bruut Amsterdam
& Playground

  • Moodfilm
  • Pre-roll
  • Bumper Ad
  • Instagram Story
  • Digital Out of Home
Jos van Meerveld

“Develop and produce a millennial-proof campaign for our new power bank”

Together with activation agency Playground, we got challenged by Duracell in The Netherlands to develop and shoot a millennial-proof commercial for their new power banks, all during an ongoing festival

The campaign video is part of a transition in which Duracell is growing into a personal power brand: plunging into the world of their millennial audience.

With just one shooting day, we devised a strategic production model to deliver several assets. The assets include a long version, a 25 and 6 second version, an Instagram Story Ad and, offline, a Digital Out Of Home.

“Bruut Amsterdam has helped us transform our vision into a mind blowing execution. In every stage, they contributed to the best result by going above and beyond. They surpassed what to expect from a production partner”

Jorgo Lialiangas

Head of Marketing & Commercial Strategy at Duracell Inc. in The Netherlands

Bumper Ad
Instagram Story