Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie


  • Brandmovie
Robert-Jan Glas

“From industry-standard film cameras to analogue still cameras and DV tape”

When you think of a notary, you think of a deed. But there’s so much more to this profession than just the legal side. With their campaign ‘For all the moments you need the notary’, the Royal Dutch Notarial Association (KNB) reflects on the countless little moments that lead to that one, all-important moment. Moments that require different skills from a notary.

Buying your dream house or signing a prenuptial agreement. Drawing up a will, transferring a company from father to daughter, or an international merger. One moment calls for tenacity and a straightforward approach. Another demands engagement and connection. The notary tailors their approach to the situation, the issue, and the individuals. The main campaign video follows five separate narratives that are revisited in print and online media.

Bruut Amsterdam handled the entire production for Kaliber Interactive, who developed the concept. 

Our smart shooting schedule enabled us to shoot all five storylines in just three days, and that footage was used to cut the main campaign video as well. To help illustrate a journey through time, we used a range of different equipment for production, from industry-standard film cameras to analogue still cameras and DV tape.