Magioni Pizza

Bruut Amsterdam

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Jos van Meerveld

“What if pizza could be your favourite vegetable?”

If pizza were a vegetable, would it be your favorite? At least it is no longer a dream: Magioni is the world’s first ready-made vegetable pizza brand with pizza bases made from cauliflower or beet.

Making your own pizza base from vegetables has been a trend for a while now, but it takes a lot of time. For this reason, Manon van Essen, the founder of Magioni, has come up with a ready-made solution to this problem.

“The supermarket shelves are overflowing with vegetables and yet more and more people are overweight. Something is wrong there, I thought. Only three percent of consumers get the green claim from the Nutrition Center, probably because they don’t know how to prepare vegetables in a tasty way. I thought that could be done differently. Everyone likes pizza, so if they manage to incorporate more vegetables into it, it should be easier for more people to meet the daily vegetable claim,” says Manon.

The Magioni vegetable pizzas are low in calories, yet full of flavour. The Magioni campaign rebelliously shows you could eat tasty pizza every day, any time, without feeling guilty.

In just a few weeks Bruut Amsterdam developed the story in close collaboration with Magioni, after which it was moulded into several campaign versions. Director Jos van Meerveld developed the concept together with Bruut Amsterdam art director Leon Visser. ‘Big Ambitions’ has been displayed online and on television.

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