• TV Commercial
Jos van Meerveld

“Help us create awareness for Type 1 Diabetes”

More than a hundred thousand people in the Netherlands suffer from type 1 diabetes, but most of us wouldn’t be able to tell a friend about what it is. According to Medtronic, 80% of all Dutch people don’t exactly know what it is, and a quarter doesn’t even have any clue.

Type 1 diabetes is something we can’t ignore. Still, there is much is unknown about the disease. Partly because the effects are not always visible to the eye, but also because it is often confused with 2 diabetes. 

In collaboration with creative agency Woedend! we produced three videos, including a social experiment with influencers and a TVC, called ‘ What You Don’t See’. The TVC shows the invisibility of type 1 diabetes, from the perspective of ones partner. 

The television commercial was nominated for a ‘Gouden Loekie’ in 2018, one of the Netherlands’ most prestigious awards for tv commercials.