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Claudio Oliveira de Marques

“NLdoet is the largest volunteering event in the Netherlands”

Four shooting days, eight different locations and numerous people with their hearts in the right place: Together with creative media agency Jalt, commissioned by the Oranjefonds, we produced both a TV and radio commercial, and social media content for NLdoet.

NLdoet (‘NL Does’) is the largest volunteering event in the Netherlands. All over the country hundreds of thousands of people, including royals, celebrities and politicians set a good example by pitching in and doing social volunteer work. They roll up their sleeves at community centers, petting zoos, nursing homes and the like.

The TV commercial shows that there is work to be done everywhere: Both in the city and far beyond. The wonderful volunteers – who do all the talking in the commercial – are desperately needed and even more appreciated.


Together with Studio de Keuken

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